The rumor is true: Facebook is down.  Or was, depending on when you read this.

But not the Facebook blog: It’s still churning away, doing relatively nothing- probably because nobody really reads the Facebook blog…

Over 300 servers don’t really matter much right now do they?


Al-Qaeda is claiming responsibility on their Twitter username.  But did they really do it?  In the same week that a 17 year old Australian kid unlocked a Pandora’s box of whammy on Twitter, it’s not too hard to picture a 13 year old pressing Control Alt Delete and somehow putting out the lights on

So what does this mean for you and me?  Not much really.

What does it mean for World Peace & Saving the Planet? Not much either.

Some guy, somewhere, will flip a switch- or write some impressive code and fix this situation.  Until then, we wait with baited breath and try to remember our MySpace password.

UPDATE: I’ve permanently forgotten my MySpace password and the email I used it long gone.

UPDATE UPDATE: Facebook is back up.  Yay for world procrastination!

  • Casey Cheshire

    And just for the record, the Al Qaeda Twitter account is a spoof!