I wanted to share a presentation I gave at the Inaugural Event of the Social Media Club NH.  That night, social media professionals in a variety of industries shared their victories and frustrations.  From health care to gov, and non-profit to business, it was an excellent view into the expansive reach of social media.

I was the speaker for Business.  One distinction I made during my presentation became apparent as I was listening to the previous speakers.  Health care and especially government have a ridiculous amount of red tape they have to contend with when attempting to build social communities.  However, once implemented, their goals of user engagement and community are relatively easy and straight forward.

Business on the other hand, has few if any restrictions, but has to contend with the big social media ROI question: “Does this make sense- now or in the future, with dollars and cents?”

The bulk of my presentation centered around lessons learned and a few key best practices for social media implementation for businesses.

It was an honor to speak at the event, I’ve embedded my slides below.  Actual speaking notes are attached to the slides and are visible if you visit the presentation on SlideShare.