• Rob Dionne

    The Vertical Market is not correct?

  • http://www.altosmarketinggroup.com Neil Andrew DuPaul

    I like your posts, you cover many topics that I follow regularly. This quote caught my attention and made me lol:

    “Guesses have come in via just about every method other than as comments- haha. Thanks Rob, you followed directions.”

    Being on the verge of launching a blog for the company I work for I was wondering if you had any idea as to why people don’t comment and what, if anything you’ve done to try to remedy that.

  • http://www.CaseyCheshire.com/ Casey Cheshire

    A lot more replies happen on Social Media platforms- as it's easier and what people know well. I've recently added Disqus Comments to make it easier for people to comment based on their Facebook & Twitter profiles.