A company that executes a brilliant Social Media plan and generates 2-way conversion with its customers is a beautiful thing.  These companies are riding the Awesome Wave of the Future.  Done right they’ll convert a little bit of effort into a supersaturated sales & branding brew.

Done wrong, Corporate Social Media makes you, at best, look like a 3rd grader with crayons drawing building plans for a new bridge and at worst look like you’re out of business.

Recognizing these victories and defeats out in the Social Internet, I have created 2 Twitter lists:

That’s right, in my subtle labeling, you either win or lose.  Even though there are varying degrees of each, let’s seek simplicity and go with pass/fail.

In business you’re either doing it right, or you’re costing someone money.

Over the next several weeks I will be highlighting the elements that earned each listed company it’s place in fame/shame.

If you have any companies you’d like to see added to the lists please let me know by either commenting on this post or @ Reply me on Twitter.