I was checking in to Lingo, my local lunchery, on geolocation-social service FourSquare when lo and behold a trending location caught my eye: Heatpocalypse Boston.  Wiping away the sweat from my brow, I immediately checked-in.

Yes, 106 of us are currently baking in the Heatpocalypse Boston.  This new venue has had over 200+ unique check-ins and is a remarkably accurate description of the insanely hot weather we’ve been having in Boston lately.

This event is a funny reminder of how a common struggle- like weather, can unite us all.  If not for FourSquare, I might not have had proof that I wasn’t the only one sweltering out there.

There is a serious side too of course.  Dehydration can be dangerous so get yourself some water & drink up Boston!