A few minutes ago, while logging into Google Adwords, a friend & coworker Emilie (@EmilieKBaker), did a double-take then asked me a question:

“How do you spell customer?”

“C. o. z. t-” started my joking response.

“No seriously. Take a look at this!”

It’s then that she showed me the splash image for a video on the Google AdWords homepage (seen below).

How long does it take you to see their goof?  Hint: It’s not the tiny text!

“Attact more costumers” Really Google?

Now I’ll give them a free pass on costumers, as that is a real word and wouldn’t be underlined by SpellCheck.  I wonder how many levels of engineers it passed through before being approved?

However, I can’t give them an excuse for “attact.”  Even as I write this quick blog article, the word attact is being underlined every single time thanks to WordPress.  (And it’s getting just a little annoying, haha.)

To see the blunder yourself, visit www.adwords.com.  After you get redirected around the planet, you’ll see a video on the left hand side with the goof.  If you’re an adwords regular, however, you’ll need to login with a browser you don’t normally use to view the site as you’ll be cookied and shown a different page with a static image instead of a video.

This is a fun reminder that the bigger you are, the more important your use of SpellCheck becomes… Cheers!

  • marcfrechette

    If I had a niche marketing site for Costume and Party shops, that would SO be my tag line.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terri-Swallow/1008704503 Terri Swallow

    Since it's October can we write that off as a Halloween joke? No then it would have at least had a 😉 after it.

  • http://www.CaseyCheshire.com/ Casey Cheshire

    I'm thinking you'd rank really well on Google with that tag line too! :) Thanks for the comment Marc!

  • http://www.CaseyCheshire.com/ Casey Cheshire

    Hi Terri! A part of me kept wondering if it was a joke too! Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Tinachesh

    haha, maybe it's a joke for Halloween?! wow…way to go Goggle 😉

  • http://www.habitudes.info Jackie Pettus

    I emailed Google support several times about those errors, and got ridiculous form letters back. Something like “Thank you for your interest….blah, blah, blah.” Don't know whether they fixed it. I stopped checking after two months. I was trying to be helpful, but this is Google, afterall, and I'm just a tiny little business. I have better things to do. Kind of makes you wonder if anyone's listening over there, though….
    Jackie Pettus
    Founder, Habitudes.info

  • http://www.CaseyCheshire.com/ Casey Cheshire

    Hey Jackie! Thanks for the comment. I can only imagine the form letter response you got. Now if you had spent $1MM+ last year on AdWords… maybe then you get a human on the phone and invited to the Google Halloween Party last night. I wasn't there either, just heard about it! lol