If you work with Google Analytics on a daily basis, I highly recommend you review the suite of training presentations at Google’s Conversion University.  Depending on how familiar you are with Google Analytics, you might find most of the information a review, but I’ll bet you money that you’ll learn something new.

The presentations are succinct, clear, and organized.  They’re an excellent free resource for online metrics.  Remember, you can’t improve your online analytics’ ability to drive smart decisions if you don’t fully understand the capabilities available to you.

Some super techie things I learned more about in Google Analytics:

  • Advanced Segments are AWESOME! They’re designed to be a quick & easy solution to isolating segment reports.  You can do this same thing with additional Profiles but you’ll be creating tons of filters, waiting for new data, and permanently filtering raw data.  And we know that…
  • Once you filter data, it’s filtered baby! No turning back.  It’s like enlisting with the Marine Corps or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.
  • Sub-domains? Multiple domains? Bring it!  There’s nothing to be afraid of with modifying Google Analytics code.  It’s very intuitive and the references for changes are thorough .
  • There are reports you haven’t even dreamed of… Yes I had not even imagined they existed, but they do!  One of the best parts about going through the Conversion University presentations for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification is that it get’s you out of your daily usage ”comfort’ zone.  My advice? Follow along! You’ll be having “ahah!” moments just like I did with filter, segment, and custom report ideas.

Don’t just casually go through the presentations.  That’ll invite relaxed learning, and yes… MULTITASKING.  Try your best not to check your email (or Twitter) when watching the presentations.  I’d suggest simply following along and your best zone-in music on iTunes.

This certificate is the bonus to your goal of gaining a stronger background with Google Analytics.

The online test to qualify can be taken at the Google Testing Center and costs $50.  Happy Google Analyticaling! :-)