Found this project through AnalyticsPros blog Analytics Prose and it pointed me to this blog post on Yoast.

It’s a quick little Google Analytics project that shows you what page your site was on when someone clicked to your site from the natural search results.

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So someone searching for “Casey Cheshire” would find on the first page and in the first position.  Google Analytics won’t be able to tell you position, but with this filter setup, it’ll show you what page you were on.  Testing on your own will give you different results because Google has personalized search.

Step 1: Create a new profile. (Always do this so you don’t screw up your main profile. Once data is filtered, it cannot be reversed.)

Step 2: Create a filter that Includes only Organic traffic. (Instructions here.)

Google Analytics Hacks
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Step 3: Create a filter that Includes only Google traffic. (There are fixes to include Yahoo and MSN, but you’ll need to already be properly tagging this traffic with custom utm data.  It get’s more complicated, but is doable. ) (Instructions here.)

Step 4: Create a filter that does the Magic (…grabs the page result from the url).

Click here for a photo of what the filter should look like.

An important fact about what you’ll see in the results.  If you don’t see a result it means it was on the first page, 20 means it was on the third page.  Below is the page number & what result will show up in results.

  1. no result
  2. 10
  3. 20
  4. 30
  5. 40
  6. 50

Not perfect or Apple iPhone user friendly, but provides a glimpse into the SEO effect on your organic search.


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  • Shawn McCarthy

    There’s also a tool call RankChecker from SEO This will return a whole spreadsheet of the exact position of a list of keywords that you specify across all three search engines.

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    That's a nice trick. I'll try this one up myself. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chased1k

    Does this still work? I've done it with two different profiles so far, using the YOAST method that you link to as well as another method that should show actual position, not just page.

    none of my keywords look any different then my original profile, Just curious if this still works before i spend half a day really digging into this.