EF is Hiring

Apr, 09, 2011

I work at EF in Cambridge, MA and they’re always hiring.  It’s a great company and I love working here.  That’s not hot air either, as I’ve worked at quite a few companies over the years so I know good and bad when I see it.  EF is definitely the place to be.  From international tours to domestic trips to DC, there’s a lot going on over here!

What is EF? Sometimes it’s best to grab a quick line of text from the website:

“EF Education is #1 in educational travel. With more than 45 years of experience and offices in more than 50 countries, we are the most reputable student travel organization.

Our all-inclusive tours offer the most value, with the lowest prices guaranteed and unparalleled safety and support.”

Whether you’re in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance or some other profession, I highly recommend you check out the EF open positions.  This is a company that takes care of it’s employees, pushes them to learn & grow, and has a lot of fun while changing the lives of people worldwide.

What’s it like working there? Every day is both challenging and exciting.  We all work hard, but see it pay off in real life dividends.  First and foremost for the folks working in EF Tours, we’re bringing kids to foreign lands on a school trip that will likely impact them for the rest of their lives.  Bridging gaps of culture, language, and geography is a mission that is live and at the front of our minds.  If you get this, then you’ll understand the biggest shared value we all have and are on your way to working here.

And in case your current job is at a company that makes or sells something really boring- there’s an amazing sense of purpose and passion when your company does something with serious positive impact.

Referrals. Will you put in a good for me at EF?  If you’re awesome- absolutely.  You can reach me through this site.  If I don’t already know you, then we’ll need to chat on the phone so I can get a good feel for your skills and personality.  You’ll still need to apply through the EF Career site in addition to any referral I might send.

Questions? Any questions about working on EF? Contact me or post them as comments below.

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