There is such a loaded title on this post! What could it possibly mean? One of the primary reasons for registering this domain was so that I could be my own top result on a google search for “Casey Cheshire.”  Currently a profile page on a Ning community is the highest ranking website, but there is another more difficult adversary: Google Maps!


Who the heck is this guy?  Only the first name matches and the guy lives in Cheshire, CT.  A Google result for “Timothy Casey” reveals a mess of results.  And clicking on the name or location name above shows us a nice house in the middle of no where:


As an Online Marketing ninja, skilled in the deadly art of SEO, I’ve taken it to be my personal challenge to rid myself of this result.  The other websites will give way to over time, but this map result will certainly be a challenge!  And I can’t do it alone:

Help me out! Do a quick search for “Casey Cheshire” and when you see the above Google Maps result click the link that says Is this accurate?” and then click “Confirm.” Together we can bring order to the universe!

  • f1vlad

    I think you’re doing quite good when searcher encircles your name in quotes, mate:“casey+cheshire”&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

  • Casey

    Good point. And thanks for checking! Do you use quotes in search for people usually?

  • f1vlad

    Well, by default I do not. But when I don’t find what I am looking for, attempt with quotes. Unfortunately, not many are familiar with quote [stronger] search.

    It took a bit for google to spider a lot of crap on me. I think you will see drastic improve, especially since your second site is new.

    I also learnt that it’s best to use one word rather than two. In my case, using my handle “f1vlad” lots of stuff could be dug on me, but much less using my real name :)

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