Every now and again I have an “Ah-ha” moment. It’s the personal, dramatic pause that starts you immediately contemplating life, love and the outlook of the New England Patriots.

This particular event is brought about by technology: I’m currently riding the MBTA commuter rail out of Boston and blogging on my new iPad.  Tweeting from my iPhone was big, and this seems like the next phase in the mobile evolution.

I’ve been reading “Startup” by Jerry Kaplan- it’s the fascinating story of the development of pen computers in the 90s.  These 4lb writing tablets utilized a digital pen and spurred the industry through many steps to the device, 20 years later, that I currently write this post on.  The book warrants it’s own post when I’m finished- and ironically, a keyboard to write it!

The iPad has a large keyboard, especially when turned on it’s side like I have it now.  It’s not all that easy because my fingers are used to resting lightly on the “home row.” Rest your fingers on this puppy and you get baby speak, as if a baby were slamming his fist on your laptop!

Wow! This WordPress app just crashed- thankfully it occurred *after* I just clicked save.  So with that in mind, I’ll count my blessing and end this post from the tech frontier!