The entire world is abuzz with videos and commentary about the new Apple iPad.  There was quite a bit of speculation before it came out, much of it surrounding the name.  I’m not usually one for following the crowd, but I’ve decided that not writing about it just because the entire world just doesn’t work.  So I’ve decided to allow myself 5 minutes to inspect, think, and ponder about the Apple iPad.


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The Name

A lot of people are disappointed with the name.  iPad? Lots of jokes go towards that.  And there’s a hilarious video of Hitler Responding to the iPad Release.  Long story short, he didn’t like the name either.  I think a lot of the let down with the name is that most people, myself

included, expected the name to reveal the future of computing.  Like watching monkies use bones to fight in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey, we all wanted the (iPad) to land on Earth like a gigantic monolith of futurism.

iPad makes too much sense and was probably way too obvious looking back on the situation.  Everyone called it ‘the tablet‘ during the speculation phase.  A part of me wants Apple to respond to that and call it the Apple Tablet.  Some thought “slate” but that’s too stark/dark.

iPad is a big iPod. Okay I get it.

The $499 iPad

I don’t think I need one.  It’s that simple at face value.  My iPhone totally rocks, and I’ll take AT&T’s weirdo network if that’s what I have to do to use it.  My home laptop is a PC I got a few years ago from Circuit City (Best Buy had bait & switched me.)  I haven’t transitioned to any larger Apple products (yet?).

So it can be an e-reader/book/magazine.  I can’t see it saving the print industry, but it’s still early.

A clever friend of mine in Boston brought up the point that releasing the technology will allow users to come up with new ways of using the iPad.  Cool way of looking at it- time will tell!

5 Minute Conclusion

In short, I don’t need an iPad right now.  Either that or Apple/My Influencers haven’t convinced me of this need.  I won’t be buying it today, but I don’t think I’d be opposed to receiving a free one. :)

It’s a large iPod and won’t fit in my pocket.  It’s also bringing us one step closer to the 3 screen idea: small, medium and big screen.  I’ll write about that next.

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  • Shawn McCarthy

    I totally agree. Apple has had some huge hits but also some huge misses. I just bought Apple TV with big plans of “hack-installing” boxee and getting free/better cable. So far it’s been a big disappointment because the Apple TV is basically a computer that you hook to your TV but lacks in actual computing power. Why not just hook an ACTUAL computer to your TV? It would make the Boxee install much easier too. Glad I kept the receipt.

    Fail, Apple. Epic fail!